See What People Are Saying About Michelle’s Book, “Busy Being Busy”

“This is a powerful, practical book full of proven ideas to help you get more done in less time and balance your life.”
– Brian Tracy,
President, Brian Tracy International

“Busy Being Busy is a simply amazing book! Simple because it is so true and easy to implement. Amazing because when you do your productivity, your happiness, and your free time goes way up!”
– Tom Ziglar,
CEO Ziglar, Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

“If you’re ready to get more done in less time and live a life of freedom, then read and use thestrategies in this brilliant book by my friend, Michelle Prince!”
– James Malinchak,
Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”

“Are you’re looking for practical solutions to getting more done in less time? I mean, real life examplesnot just a bunch of theory or complicated systems to follow? Then look no further! I might know a
little bit about this topic… Having written 5 best-selling books myself while running an internationalcompany at the same time. If I found this book useful doing all that I do, you will too. So stop readingthe back cover and dive in.”
– Loral Langemeier,
New York Times Bestselling Author,

“One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is staying organized, focused and productivein the face of overwhelming demands on their time. Michelle has done a phenomenal job sharing howto live a more balanced life in this book!”
– Howard Partridge,
Bests-Selling Author, Business Coach and President of Phenomenal Products, Inc.

“Michelle Prince has hit a home run with her book, Busy Being Busy! We can all relate to being so busythat we sometimes lose sight of the big picture and what’s really important in life. Michelle’s easy-goingstyle will encourage you to stop being busy and start living the life you always wanted!”
– Vicki Irvin,
CEO, Superwoman Lifestyle,

“Michelle Prince’s book, ‘Busy Being Busy’ is truly inspiring. This book will help you prioritize your lifeand only be “busy” doing the things that really matter. Michelle does it again with another highlyrecommended book!”
– Natasha Duswalt,
Owner, Peak Models & Talent, Los Angeles, CA,

“If you want a blueprint for getting more done in life then you need to read Michelle Prince’s book,’Busy Being Busy.’ You already have the tools you need, and Michelle shows you how to use them. Bottom line — this book ROCKS!”
– Craig Duswalt,
Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Creator of the RockStar System for Success,

“Busy Being Busy is the book to stop the cycle of a life that doesn’t fulfill you. Read it now to havethe life you want. Michelle Prince will show you how!”
– Jill Lublin,
International Speaker & Best-Selling Author of 3 Books, Including Guerrilla Publicity.
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“Busy Being Busy” is a quick and powerful read. This is THE essential guide to being more productive,accomplishing more and experiencing greater success! “
– Scott Schilling,
Best-Selling Author, Speaker / Trainer,

”Michelle’s latest book, “Busy Being Busy…But Getting Nothing Done,” is the answer for anyone who struggles with too much to do and too little to show for it except more stress and frustration. Writtenas a step-by-step blueprint, she makes the transformation extremely easy to understand and apply. Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to a balanced life and the ability to attain the goals younever thought possible! Highly recommended!”
– David Phelps, D.D.S.,

“Who better to teach you how to get your life under control than a woman who actually did it! Amother, a speaker, seminar leader, coach and mentor who actually took herself from the state ofchaos and uncertainty to one of simplicity and control to become one of the exemplars ofeliminating procrastination and having a life that is balanced ,under control and worth living.”
– Mark Ehrlich,
The Coach to the Coaches, Founder, CXO Partners, Inc

As the world’s fastest reader, and author of dozens of programs I know a lot about getting moredone in less time. That’s why I love Michelle’s down-to-earth approach to getting things done ina fraction of the time with much better results. Her book, “Busy Being Busy,” should be put at thetop of your reading list. It is full of valuable information that you are going to love. This bookwill change your life.
– Howard Stephen Berg, The World’s Fastest Reader

Michelle Prince is a real Champion! I’ve had the honor of knowing her for several years and haveseen her tremendous impact on others. Michelle has a sincere desire to change lives and make areal difference in the world. I’m confident that she will succeed!”
– John Di Lemme,
International Motivational Speaker & Strategic Business Coach

“Michelle’s book came at just the right time in my life. I was going through a difficult time in mypersonal life at the same time I was re-launching my business – there was a lot going on and all thegoals I wanted to achieve was overshadowed by all the tasks and projects I thought I had to do inorder to achieve my goals.

To say that I was in overwhelm is an understatement as a consequence I spent a lot of hours workingbut not really accomplishing anything.

Her book helped me take a step back and ask some simple yet powerful questions so that I couldfocus on what was important and take the right steps. Now I am glad to say that end of the day Ihave a greater sense of satisfaction around that I am accomplishing and I’m also noticing I havemore time to be with family and friends without worrying about what should be getting done.
Thanks Michelle.”
– Kathryn Perry,
Transpersonal Coach & Entrepreneur

“Fabulous truth telling from Michelle Prince about what no one wants to admit! This book is a mustread for anyone who struggles with the overwhelm of life, which is ALL of us! Thank you Michellefor helpful strategies and real examples that we can put into use NOW.”
– Diane Cunningham,
Founder and President, National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs

“Michelle Prince has done it again! This book contains the most effective and practical blueprint forreplacing being busy with being productive and enjoying yourself in the process. She has not onlyshared how to effectively manage our personal and business lives, but also reveals the pitfalls,traps and habits that can cause us to get out of balance. “Busy Being Busy” is a must read foranyone who wants to enjoy their life and their success.”
– Nancy Matthews,
Speaker, Author & Success Catalyst.

“You can flip this book open to any page and find something meaningful that you can use right away. This isn’t ‘theory’ – it’s full of practical tips and tools you can put to use in your life immediately. Great information! Thanks, Michelle.”
– Diane Lampe,
President, The Lampe Company, LLC, Best-Selling Author

“Michelle’s book is a rare gem among the thousands of books on productivity. She gives you actionablesteps to stop being busy and find your balance, so you can ultimately save yourself time, heartacheand missing out on the life of your dreams. I suggest you grab a cup of coffee, a pen and her bookand then sit down to turn your life from one of chaos and overwhelm to one of productivity and ease.Thank you, Michelle, for putting together a blueprint for a balanced life!”
– Kim Hodous, The Kitchen Table CEO and Best-Selling Author of Show Up, Be Bold, Play Big: 33 Strategies for Outrageous Success and Lasting Happiness from a Former Stay-at-Home Mom who Built a 7-Figure Business from her Kitchen Table

“Time is the only key area in our lives that we can’t produce more of no matter how hard we work, andthe one thing we never have enough of. Michelle Prince’s book, Busy Being Busy, is a much neededresource that will empower us to create a more balanced and prosperous life. She teaches us how todefine and stay focused on our priorities as well as how to create a plan to stop wasting time andmove forward in a more purposeful and productive manner so we can live a more happier andhealthier life. I can’t wait until my members have the chance to learn from this book.”
– Christie Ruffino,
President and Founder of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network

“Michelle gets it! One of the most professional, organized people I know. This book is for EVERYONE;taking action and getting things done makes us all feel like what we do matters! Thanks Michelle.”
– Dr. Scott F. Peterson,
Dental Marketing Magic

“Michelle has a practical, straight-forward approach to help you re-prioritize, re-organize andre-energize. This ‘how to’ book is a call to action for anyone who needs to go from being busyto being productive. A must read!”
– Debbie Hague

“Michelle’s practical step by step process of managing busyness are right on target! Tapping intoher wisdom in life coach training for personal development, was the best investment I have evermade towards business growth and expansion!”
– Terri Lynn Schmidt